Ok so this game is basically going to be a blocky infinite world game.  I have always wanted to make a game with an infinite world to explore. This project has been going strong for a couple years now. Finally got the graphics down after years of fiddling with opengl it has finally paid off.

I envision a game full of infinite possibilities to use magic in the game as well as an infinitely generated number of magical areas to discover within the game. I hope to build a game where you can discover any number of enchanted caves that imbue you with magical abilities like special healing powers or summoning powers if you drink water or eat mushrooms from that cave.

I want you to be able to build your own spell books and discover a unique randomly generated language to manipulate the magical energies spread throughout the universe. 

So please checkin now and again and see this game take shape. I will probably go into detail of how I manage to build each piece of this game, and appreciate your input about possible techniques that may help achieve the above goals.

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