A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Go get that amber...

A arcade style, retro 2D shooter with fully destructible and buildable ships... 

Build your ship from collecting amber. All while helping eliminate alien invaders from planets among the stars. And as you explore the universe you will find new upgrades and interesting components for your ship...

How to Play

The main goal of the game is to clear planets of enemy squadrons and free the planets resources to be able to defend itself. You start out with a ship and limited resources to be able to build that ship. 

After you clear each planet you will be able to use a new part to add to your ship. Be careful because your ship has limited energy to distribute between weapons, shields, and other power consuming parts. In addition if you happen to loose those parts during a mission your ship may loose the ability to fire or protect itself with shields.

Pickups and Parts:

  • Speed boost - solid pink block pickup dropped occassionally
  • Upgrade Credit - solid yellow pickup used for upgrading all parts of a certain type
  • Amber - solid red block pickup used for repairs and for buying new parts
  • Spare parts - hollow yellow pickup that is used for repairs an is a one to one for any parts lost
  • Generic Part - just a simple barrier that can be used around other more important parts giving you better defenses. Currently not upgradable and only survive a single hit.
  • Targeted Blaster - not very effective atm but it tries to target enemy vessels by firing in their direction. Currently there is no target leading so its an in-expensive way to increase the possibility to hitting more targets.
  • Pulse Blaster - Is the main weapon in the game, currently has exceptional range but starts out with very low energy requirements and small bullets so accuracy of your shots is important. This part is upgradable which increases the size of your bullets but also increases the power requirements. Many blasters can be added to a ship on a single engine. Though using lasers and shields together could cause serious power loss.
  • Small Laser - can be a significant power drain if using shields and many other weapons. But these can be extremely powerful weapons taking out shielded enemies and rows of enemies with ease.
  • Shield Emitter - this is a serious power drain on your engines but provides you with tremendous protection against enemy units with targeting blasters. Be careful not to stay too long in pulse blaster fire though as the shields will quickly drain all the energy from your engines. They are also in effective against explosions.
  • Engines - generates additional power for your vessel currently increasing your speed and just two of these are enough to supply plenty of power for your vessel during combat even when you are outfitted with significant blasters and lasers.

And of course more to come. This is just the beginning obviously.



Move the mouse to where you would like your ship to go. It will follow a little bit behind the mouse cursor. Left click to fire


Press 'start' to begin the game. Left stick to move the ship in that direction. 'a' to fire.


Move your finger in to where you want the ship to move. The ship will automatically fire.

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Version 0.7.2
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Version 0.7.2
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Version 0.7.2
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Version 0.7.2

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