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There must be options
Menus Spending a lot of time building up menus and trying to get a how to play screen together. This has led to a particularly weak spot in the code and thats w...
Development Progress
Updates... Work continues on the next minor version which will be v0.6.0 Currently I have added: Multi-game saves up to 4 save slots Fixed the shield activation...
New Release! 0.5 is now Live!
Finally 0.5 is here! I finally decided to bite the bullet and just release 0.5. I was kind of waiting till I had a lot more things completed with the features...
4 files — 0.5.1
We have .... LASERs
I am happy to announce the release of v0.4.0 a new minor release on the journey to get this game completed. This release has a good amount of changes things fro...
4 files — 0.4.0
Update 0.3.2: Ship speed and new enemies
What in it? Changed initial ship speed, it was really way too slow. It was initially set to 30 units/sec though I thought it was set at 200 units/sec. That made...
4 files — 0.3.2
Update 0.3.0: Hey come check it out!
I am really happy to announce that version 0.3.0 is live...Woot! Thanks everyone that helped me play test this release! Despite the amount of play testing there...
4 files — 0.3.0
Shields up, new version coming soon!
Shields Up... In the next version to be released soon shields will actually function again. I worked out a new effect for the shields that I thought of, I wante...
New development video, now up!
Just a quick video capture of the ship customization screen. Adding a whole bunch of pulse blasters and going in for the kill.