Development Progress


Work continues on the next minor version which will be v0.6.0

Currently I have added:

  • Multi-game saves up to 4 save slots
  • Fixed the shield activation button issues

A lot of work needs to be done on the GUI subsystem which is taking a lot of effort at the moment. But I am gearing up to add planetary structures with rewards after clearing enemy squadrons. This will hopefully provide a way to incentivize continued play through to completely destroy all enemies in a squadron. Right now it feels more like a chore without immediate benefits. Along with the amber, credit, and spare part rewards there will also be a reward of seeing enemy count.

Other things to expect

The game is getting there but really has a ways to go. There are a few things that are missing that hopefully will help make the game more playable by anyone just chancing by it. So I'll be working on adding a how to play screen, as well as a settings screen for volume controls, stats, and other types of things. Just lots of work to be done and I am hoping development will pick up again.

If you happen upon a bug, please feel free to report it. I would love any feedback I can get as well.

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