There must be options


Spending a lot of time building up menus and trying to get a how to play screen together. This has led to a particularly weak spot in the code and thats with the GUI system.

AHHHHHHHEEEEEEHHHHHHHAAAAA!!!!! The horror, it was broken like this only for a moment. Then after some quick adjustments and some more effort into the toast system I was able to get things working.

Of course only to find that the above system was broken on mobile, yeessshhh talk about infuriating. But these things are typical of the development story with mobile versus PC. But that's all fixed right now. And I can move on with the implementations of the menu screens. I think I'll probably go down the line and hopefully they will all be finito shortly.

Multiple Game Saves

If you notice I have also added multiple game saves on the logo screen. Only thing left to do with those is to let you delete a game you no longer want. 

Coming soon...

I'm also working on rewards after clearing squadrons of enemies around structures. This should help bring out the narrative of the game whereby you are returning control of these planetary structures, defense systems, shipyards, etc. To the inhabitants who still remain alive and are there to help you succeed in your quest to free the system of these alien invaders.

Although I don't think I've done a good job at making this narrative obvious in any way. I do have a write-up for a game intro that I am hoping I'll add at some point but for the time being I want to get all the elements of the core gameplay together, that includes these rewards from the planetary structures that you clear. One of those first rewards is the ability to see how many enemies there are on each of the squadrons around the planet.

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