Working on shields and added engines...

Been working on a few things...I've added shields to help with the rapid firing from enemy ships that happened when I made them fire using the same weapon that your ship uses. I did that before reworking the ship creation and extracting the way ship parts are determined for the ship. There are some basic functions that need to be built around a list of parts to help facilitate the eventual ship building screen. 

Right now the shields are working well, they even cut through other ships. I need to work out more details. Like weakening shields and building in energy storage into your ship so that the more a shield is used it uses energy and eventually puts strain on the energy storage or the engine if the batteries are depleted. A lot of these options to make it intriguing and fun to construct more complicated ships. 

I'm  still working out the details of the gameplay surrounding how when and where you'll be able to build ship parts or the requirements to do that.

Oh. and engines were added, when they are blown up they explode and take most of the ship with them.

In addition to that, I also added simple gamepad support.

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