Three blind ... wait for it ... Pulse Blasters

One just isn't enough

So I have wanted to add this for a while now and I finally have it working. The first item that you can place happens to be Pulse Blaster's and their awesome. First I added a hacky little inventory list to the ship build menu (which I have a completely new concept for that I cannot wait to try out). 

Check 'em out

All the weapons fire simultaneously as expected with muzzle flash which is super awesome. 

They currently do not take away your amber or anything. Which I will probably add right after this post but just thought I'd show off.

Also tweaked explosions because nobody I've showed it to realized what they were.

And one more screenie....pow

Not really sure how I died there I do not see any trail of bullets from any of the enemies I just killed. So guess there is a little glitch. I'll find though don't you worry.

Feedback appreciated...

I'm looking for ways to make the explosions a bit more identifiable. So you blow up the engine and boom a green circle appears and fans out and destroys everything in its radius, except Pulse blaster bullets. Even your shields cannot protect you.

<insert gif here>

So any ideas are totally welcome.

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