New minor version available! Customize your ship!

New version 0.2.6

What's New? Well lets see, you can now place any of the parts in the list of parts. Currently there are no requirements for ships or restrictions on where you place things. When you fire all blasters on the ship will fire so they will destroy any parts in front of them. If your engine is destroyed then the ship should blow up.

There is a planet screen where you can clear the sectors of alien vessels. This is where a lot of the meaning for the game will be built out. Things like clearing planetary defense systems and sensors to determine how many alien squads there are etc. Also finding things like new ship parts and eventually the possibility of expanding the size of your vessel. Right now you can clear the sectors but there are no rewards. I may add some type of reward as kind of like some what of a goal to keep you playing the game for a while to possibly get some more feedback.

The shields have been permanently disabled. They are still in the ship building menu, so please forgive me for teasing you with that one. Still conceptualizing ideas around toggling systems.

The planets currently do not persist so multiple runs of the game will completely reset your progress. As there is really no reward for clearing sectors now it should not really be seen as a punishment but an unfinished aspect of the game.

What's Next

There are a lot of things that need to be worked on, from the current play tests I've gotten some good feedback on areas to improve and smooth out. 

Of course there should be a new video up as soon as I can take some time to get that done. The real world kind of got in the way a bit in the past couple of weeks.

Help & Feedback Welcome

I am always open to suggestions and feedback. I would love to hear about what you think of the game good or bad so please feel free to comment about anything to these posts! Definitely speak up if you find a bug or there is something you don't particularly care for.

If you like to speak with your money, I have set up a Patreon page as a way for you to show your support. 

Thanks for watching and reading!


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Version 0.2.6 Jul 08, 2018 4 MB
Version 0.2.6 Jul 08, 2018 4 MB
Version 0.2.6 Jul 08, 2018 6 MB
Version 0.2.6 Jul 08, 2018

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