Shields up, new version coming soon!

Shields Up...

In the next version to be released soon shields will actually function again. I worked out a new effect for the shields that I thought of, I wanted it to be a dissipating energy impact visual. It may need several tweaks but in essence it looks better than the single shrinking ring of blue that was there before. I realize that adding shields and having a low cost to adding new parts (10 amber) each makes the game a bit unbalanced as you do not really have a goal to achieve in defeating the alien squadrons on the planet.

Play testing is key...

I have numerous things to fix and not enough time to fix them as I am busy searching for a day job. I am endeavouring to work on the most important aspects of the game to deliver a fun and engaging experience. I try to reprioritize that list on a daily basis. Also in this next release there will be fixes for various minor inconsistencies and playability issues.

Improvements in the next release:

  • Adds new type of explosion effect (not final but different)
  • Your ship now persists between launches so that adds meaning
  • Changed the logo screen and added the red planet
  • Added hyperjump to a new planet after clearing all alien squadrons from the planet
  • Enabled shields again with new visual effect, toggling of shields
  • And other various minor improvements

What to expect...

Following this release there will be a couple of new mechanics added to introduce some balance and meaning to the gameplay. I am also planning on adding more content such as, new enemy ships, different weapons, testing ship will no longer reward you. Some small improvements to the menu and ship controls. Cost numbers for parts on the build screen and rearranging the layout of ship building.

So please try out the game and let me know what you think and report any issues or ideas that you may have to further enhance the gameplay.

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