Update 0.3.2: Ship speed and new enemies

What in it?

  • Changed initial ship speed, it was really way too slow. It was initially set to 30 units/sec though I thought it was set at 200 units/sec. That made you unable to really dodge and even catch enemies on the other side of the screen. So that is now fixed. Note: Additional engines will add 75 units/sec to your ships speed giving you quiet a boost.
  • Added a subtle effect to the ship when it gets amber, it goes almost full white and back.
  • Cut the sound effect volume in half. It was a little bit loud at 100% for almost everything. Also made this a global setting so that a settings menu will be possible soon. 
  • New enemies have been added. Or I should say switched. But now that the enemy spawner is actually using a ship template to create new ones it should be easy to build a bunch of different designs and variation and throw them in there. Bullet speed fire rate and part health and things like that might require a meta mapping for enemy ship designs.
  • Bug Fixes: Some minor things like adding a ton of ship widgets should be avoided now. 


amber-x86_64.AppImage 9 MB
Version 0.3.2 Aug 28, 2018
amber-game-project-win32.zip 4 MB
Version 0.3.2 Aug 28, 2018
amber-game-project-win64.zip 4 MB
Version 0.3.2 Aug 28, 2018
amber-game-project-macosx.zip 6 MB
Version 0.3.2 Aug 28, 2018

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